Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sun weighs in on future corporate computing environments and jobs

The “Sun Inner Circle” has thrown a curve at the debate over outsourcing information technology to major vendors. A June newsletter (by Bob Worrall, Sun CIO) from Sun suggests that IT departments will be less concerned with installing purchased or consultant-developed layers (like mid-tiers and data access) on local networks and go more toward directing companies to use “subscription” specialized applications on the broadband Internet. For example, this sort of setup would sound appealing to school districts with “blackboard” lesson plans, particularly in areas like laboratory science.

That probably still places a lot of the in-house emphasis on areas like sales, business requirements, and customer service, and perhaps test plans and quality assurance rather can coding. An enormous consideration in this kind of layering will be security, given the new sensitivities in the past few years about corporate loss of consumer personal information.

The article is available at this link.

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