Friday, May 09, 2008

Some skills not so hot now, maybe (COBOL?)

Toni Bowers had an interesting column today on Career Management in the Tech Republic newsletter, “don’t expect these five high-tech skills to bring you more money”, link here (may need subscription) from the Tech Republic blogs:

One of the skills that is not doing as well is “legacy” programming languages like COBOL, probably mainframe ALC, and even PowerBuilder. One needs concentrated expertise in something like MMIS, HIPAA, case tools, DB2, various direct connect strategies. As far back as 2002, some recruiters predicted a return job market for COBOL programmers now in their 50s and 60s if companies had to take work back from overseas. What has developed is specialized niches, that may be becoming less specific. I’ve never seen a call for object-oriented COBOL even though Murach covers it in his book.

Jim Thompson had expressed similar sentiments in his “Hot Careers in a Cool Market,” Computer User, January 2002.

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