Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Monster.com weighs in on universally necessary IT skills

Now, Monster.com weighs in on the essential skills in the IT job market, for almost “any job”. (We’ve seen plenty of stories like this on Tech Republic lately). Allan Hoffman, the Monster Tech Jobs Expert offers “Six Mist-Have IT Skills” here. Television station NBC4 in Washington placed this link on its Digital Edge link today.

I won’t steal his thunder by listing it all, but one of the skills he lists is networking. He thinks anyone should know how to set up an troubleshoot a home of office W-Fi network. That’s interesting. I don’t really need it at home with cable, but I can see the point: subscribe to a wireless service so you have secured access at hotspots around the country, and then base your home network on the wireless router. It may be a more reliable way to stay connected after storms or cable outages. It might be essential for entrpeneurs now. There are security issues to watch however. Many schools use W-Fi internally now.

He also says that everyone needs to become a handyman with Excel and Powerpoint, both of which have capabilities that many people don’t know how to use but might be called upon to do so for management presentations.

He also says, one needs “passion”. And, perhaps, curiosity, although the wrong curiosity could get you bounced.

Picture: Amtrak's National Train Day, Union Station, Washington DC, from Minot ND (where ING has its customer service center).

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