Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Resumes and confidential posting

The April 2008 e-letter “The Career News” provides an effective discussion of confidential resume posting.

The letter recommends “Resume Rabbit”) and the feature “Post My Resume Confidentially”. Other sites, the letter says, will replace personal information with non-descript information.

The tone of the article deals with “gaining an ‘unfair’ advantage” in the job seeking process by posting the resume on many smaller and specialized career sites, where hiring managers my find more exact matches. But that could expose the candidate to his current employer’s finding out about his or her search. (“Don’t apply for your own job.”)

I have my IT resume posted on Dice, and if I were working again in a customary contract, as it stands now the resume would remain visible.

I have an IT resume site (http://www.johnwboushka.com ), which is open to search engine robots, and a certifications page at Brainbench here, which apparently does not get indexed by search engines because it requires paid subscription (on my part).

Generally, resumes on sites don’t get picked up by search engines unless the applicant wishes. As I’ve noted on my other blogs, the tendency for employers to look up applicants (sometimes finding the wrong person with the same name) on search engines to do “background checks” is becoming an ethical problem, part of the whole “reputation defense” issue and connected to valid employer concerns that clients or stakeholders might do the same thing. That’s one reason I think that in the futures employers will want more of their associates to allow their online presence to be professionally managed. The world of “public relations” is well known for celebrities, politicians, and corporate offices, but I wonder if the effect of that kind of thinking will drift downward.

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