Saturday, April 12, 2008

CVS v. Kodak in the Photo CD applications

A little note today about customer service. I turned in some photos at CVS yesterday for CD processing, and this time I was asked, “Kodak, or ours.” I had noticed that CVS has its own “brand” of photo CD now. I had always been annoyed that Kodak, most of the time, tried to load a new version of its software and made me go through all kinds of gyrations to get 27 pictures. CVS (powered by Corel) would let me copy all 27 into a directory of my choosing without loading anything.

When I click on a JPG on a Dell, I get “Dell Image Expert” and lots of complications. It seems interesting how companies wanted to make just looking at digital stills and copying them complicated.

The other thing is that with both CVS and Kodak, it’s hard to get the application closed. It sits and hangs in XP until you force close it. Then the CD drive doesn’t recognize and audit CD or DVD until the machine is restarted.

The one-hour turnaround on photos and CD's does seem to keep at least one person employed. There is a lot to know how to do.

Why do companies want to load up picture image processing with cumbersome bells and whistles and application re-installs?

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