Thursday, March 06, 2008

E-Week has a slide show on "most wanted IT skills"

E-Week has a very interesting "slide show" "The 10 Most Wanted IT skills". The link is here. The website will play the presentation as a "slide show", a lot like an old-fashioned grade school filmstrip, or like a Powerpoint business presentation.

The mix of skills is interesting. They start out with hardware and security, move on to soft skills ("people skills" and project management) and finally to programming languages. Web technologies and mobile come out as 9 and 10. It's pretty interesting, in a down market again.

Right after the 2001 downturn, in January 2002, Jim Thompson had an article in Computer User, "Hot Careers in a Cool Market," with a "what's hot and what's not" dot-point list comparison. COBOL was on the "what's not." (That may have changed somewhat now.) Microsoft Visual Studio .NET was near the top of the "what's hot." I doubt that's true now.

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