Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Adobe and PC/Microsoft environment for movie making and advanced web

To make movies in a Windows Vista or XP PC environment today, one of the leading combination packages appears to be Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium, which would incorporate Flash, After Effects (for special effects) with Premiere Pro CS3 (roughly the functionality of Apple Final Cut). Apparently many of the features are available on Macintosh (some features require BootCamp). The cost today appears to be about $1700. The most ambitious suite is Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master Collection (click on “What’s Inside”), for about $2500.

Production Premium
Master Collection System Requirements (would include 7200 RPM hard drive and 2 GIG RAM for many applications)

The Dell XPS machines, now available with Vista, appear to meet the requirements. The 410 at around $1100 looks quite impressive (with Blu-ray Disc) and the gaming equivalent is about, the 720, about $1700. On DVD, I still think there is quite a shakeout coming on the ultimate universal format and on dealing with all of the DMCA copy protection issues, which many hobbyists resent.

The machines offer Vista. A few years ago, XP users were expected to choose between Media and Professional (or Home), and neither platform really suited all possible needs.

Back in early 2001, Sony Vaio sold a Windows ME (remember that?) machine that it called a “movie maker”, a year before the iMac. The Dell 8300 that I have now is a movie maker and has Roxio and 7200 rpm hard drive, but the features that come with it are primitive compared to these products.

Update: 11/8/2007

The Dell 410 no longer exists and is replaced by the 210 and 420. Link is here.
With the dollar sinking (news media reports today) with budget deficits, I'll be watching the prices of computers and electronics more closely soon, and might come up with a systematic scheme to report it. We need to do more manufacturing at home again.

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