Tuesday, May 29, 2007

NASA museum shows old Univac, CDC computers from the 60s

The Smithsonian Institution museum at Dulles Airport in Chantilly, VA has an interesting replica of a computer room as it might have been at NASA or a DOD agency in the 1960s or early 1970s (when I worked at the David Taylor Model Basin, and, later, NAVCOSSACT). There is an old Univac machine that probably ran assembly language like SAL and SLA and used special link edits called MITBLDS. (NAVCOSSACT had a Univac 1108 by 1972). There is also a Control Data Corporation machine. Univac had a major testing facility in Eagan, MN (between Minneapolis and St Paul, south of I-494) then, and Control Data had a famous orange building on I-494 to the East a bit. Many chain motels lined the strip, where computer and technical workers often stayed (as I did when I worked on Univac benchmarks in 1973 and 1974).

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