Thursday, May 24, 2007

Could I become an IT recruiter?

Yes, I have thought about getting into the information technology recruiting business myself. Since I have thirty plus years "in the business" -- starting with Univac, moving to IBM mainframes for many years (mostly in typical production environments with a culture based on overnight and end-of-month cycles as well as online) and then recently to client-server with a particular interest in media and publishing, I think I am quite aware of the range of situations encountered in various requirements.

Many of the agencies are located in the midwest, to take advantage of time zones. Many calls I get for jobs come from people who speak somewhat difficult English. I certainly could do the interviewing and screening of candidates.

Starting an agency is another matter. Typically, to start an agency (and afford the access fees to the major services like Dice), one needs some mass (to be able to have several employees and clients) and one needs a foothold in some employers; one needs to "know people" (as, in the DC area, government agencies and beltway bandits) through quasi-social connections.

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