Monday, December 18, 2006

More on public exposure for IT professionals

I have visited the issue before of social networking sites and blogs by I.T. professionals. Employers have become more concerned about these in the past year or so. I suppose some employers would actually like to see participation of candidates on technical blogs, but there can be issues of confidentiality.

There can occur a situation where someone is placed with a client by an agenting company, and the client becomes concerned about the "reputation" of the contractor from Internet content in areas outside of direct job relevance.

There has also been startup companies that promise to manage the "online reputations" of people and that also want to manage their online presence for "appearance" or public relations purposes. Agenting companies might fear that a client would, if it found a contractor's poliitical or personal materials on the web, perceive the contractor as less than "professional" about his/her public space use, but this notion is very subjective.

Generally, as an individual contributor in a W-2 situation, I would not allow an outside company to manage my "reputation" or public appearance (as if it were clothing -- "Sartor Resartus") and I do not believe that this is necessary. In a corp-to-corp situation, and especially if the agenting company pays salary on benefits while I would be "on the bench", I do agree that this is a much more important issue. In such a situation, the agency is selling the candidate as a professional on the specific subject matter, and a major outside Internet presence on competing issues (especially political ones) could create confusion.

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