Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Some Internet and textbook resources to practice for technical quizzes

Here are a few Internet sites that I found with multiple choice and short-answer drill questions on typical mainframe IBM technical topics. Some agencies do skills testing, so these references would give the job candidate a good start.

AOL Member Cronid gives a news reference here.
Click on DB2 for a short-answer DB2 quiz. There is a multiple choice quiz on CICS, and quizzes on COBOL, JCL, SAS, VSAM and other topics in the left hand frame column.

CICS (Command Level): Cronid on AOL gives this quiz. He provides the multiple choice answer key at intervals after groups of questions.

Joe Geller has a similar home page for DB2 and relational dababases.

Here is his link to DB2 Quiz #1 which puts the questions and answers in different frames.

These quizzes can provide a good refresher.

I recall in 2002 being asked in a phone screening to explain what an indexible predicate is, and to discuss when one would use an outer join.

The textbooks that I prefer are largely come from Mike Murach & Associates, the technical books publisher with the "M" trademark.

For example:

Murach's Structured Cobol (with Mike Murach, Anne Prince, Raul Menendez, 2000)
(note the section on Object-oriented COBOL at the end)

Murach's OS/390 and z/OS JCL (with Raul Menendez and Goug Lowe, 200)

Murach's CICS for the COBOL Programmer (Menendez, Lowe, 2001)

Edward A Kelly: An Invitation to MVS Using COBOL, TAB, 1989.

Murach: Curtis Garvin and Steve Eckols. DB2 for the COBOL Programmer, 1999

Steve Eckols, IMS for the COBOL Programmer, 1985.

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