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My resume

John W. Boushka
4201 Wilson Blvd #110-688 Arlington VA 22203-1859



Long term: Deployment of materials that help any customer understand and correlate all of the major positions that people take on many social, political and financial issues. It is important to understand why people think the way they do as well as to know their positions. I will be able to provide leadership in solving leading edge solutions to new legal and ethical problems associated with the deployment of technology, as often new social or legal conflicts may be resolved by further refining and improving information technology. Deployment strategies include software products and services such as content management, knowledge databases, films, and books. In many cases, it is important for me to draw on some unusual personal experiences as well as more conventional workplace technical experience.

Short term: A variety of interim positions in areas like technical writing, information technology applications programming, help desk or inbound call centers. Teaching may provide the opportunity to help high school and college students to develop critical thinking skills and to “connect the dots.”

I did take a retirement package from my last “major” corporate employer after a career in information technology applications in life insurance, health care, credit reporting, and financial reporting.


A data processing business applications specialist with substantial experience in life insurance, health care, credit reporting, media, accounting, and public policy research systems. Have implemented major applications after full systems development life cycle on IBM mainframe (batch and on-line). Have provided technical leadership, specification of business and technical requirements, coding, unit and systems integration testing, implementation, documentation and on-call production support.

Have authored and published three books and numerous short articles on social policy issues relating to individual rights.


· IBM OS-390 mainframe with MVS (and VM): COBOL II, COBOLMVS, Assembler, JCL, FileAid, SyncSort

· DB2, IMS, IDMS, VSAM, CICS, DataComm DB and DC

· NCOA, Group-1 MOVEUpdate, USPS FASTForward, Nadis

· SAS, DYL280, Easytrieve, Dunn and Bradstreet MSA (for accounts payables) and Information Expert, ADSO (a code generator for IDMS), systems life-cycle management

· Unix, SQL with stored procedures, PowerBuilder, Java, test Director

· Matching of technical job skills to job descriptions (recruiting)


· Telephone support and problem solving for customers

· Telephone negotiations

· Book manuscript preparation and cost-effective printing

· Public policy research (individual and civil rights, discrimination, health care, security)

· Various small volunteer assignments (such as member database maintenance)


Insurance and Annuities:

· Reduced head count (by 2) for administration of billing of life insurance premiums to employers through salary deduction, by developing major reporting system enhancements.

· Reduced volume of return mail (by about 20%), by implementing new NCOA (National Change of Address) interface and by clientization of major Vantage system.

· Facilitated cross-selling, by installing new life insurance products on legacy systems.

· Enabled efficient customer service and cross-selling after merger, by implementing legacy replications to a common GUI customer service workbench

· Enhanced security of an accounts payable system with a new signature approval process.

· Reduced production outages and down time by 80% by careful testing and, when in a support role, carefully documenting recurring environmental problems; always provided dependable off-hours support as necessary.

· Consolidated commission statements provided to agents.

· Facilitated fraud reduction by developing and implementing Medicaid Management and Administrative Reporting System (MARS).

Credit Reporting:

· Enabled a credit reporting company to bill more efficiently by implementing consolidated billing to members across multiple bureaus and by implementing modern daily billing system.

Public Policy Research:

· Enabled small consulting operating to remain in business by quick application problem solving and by having set up the application to be run very efficiently

· Attracted client business to public policy consulting business by providing accurate reports on Medicare operating margins.


Interim positions with Minnesota Orchestra Guaranty Fund (part-time, April 2002 to June 2003) as a fund raiser, and with RMA (Risk Management Alternatives) in Mendota Heights, MN (May 2003 to July 2003) as a debt collector for a telecommunications client; left voluntarily to return to Washington, DC area. Also wrote multiple choice certification test items for Brainbench on Business Ethics, early 2003. Substitute teacher in Virginia, from Spring 2004 to Dec. 2005 (See substitute teaching discussion.)

SELF 1997-Present

Self or cooperatively published three books and supported them with large website on Verio, as well as another experimental “java starter” website.

ING-Reliastar – Arlington, Va. and Minneapolis, MN 1990-2001

Life insurance and annuities

Senior Programmer Analyst

Implemented consolidated commission statements and salary deduction billing statements; implemented legacy replications to mid-tier; supported service center end users by trouble-shooting a wide variety of application and environmental production problems. Skills emphasized mainframe IBM (COBOLMVS, JCL, DB2, IMS, CICS) with client-server in last two years (Unix, Powerbuilder, java, Sybase stored procedures, screen emulations in C).

Lewin-ICF/Consolidated Consulting Group – Washington, DC 1988-1990

Public policy and social science research

Programmer Analyst

Duties consisted largely of fine-tuning policy simulation model for lobbying clients, with both COBOL and SAS, both mainframe and PC.

Chilton Corporation – Dallas, TX 1981-1988

(now this is Experian)

Credit reporting and credit bureau operations

Lead Programmer Analyst

Duties consisted of designing and implementing major revisions to daily and monthly billing, including consolidated billing, in a mainframe environment (COBOL, Assembler, Datacomm).


Medicare postpayment utilization review

Systems Consultant


Medicaid MMIS – MARS

Lead Programmer Analyst


Media and broadcasting

Programmer Analyst; also television boom operator during strike duty


I had certifications in COBOL II, MVS JCL (June 2002), and ANSI SQL (July 2002 to June 2005)

The COBOL and JCL certifications expired in June 2005. The SQL certification expired in July 2005. I am evaluating whether I should re-test to renew them, according to market conditions and other goals.

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) training on the job - 1999

FLMI (Fellow, Life Management Institute (LOMA) – 1995

ICCP ACP and CCP certifications (1992-1998)

M.A. Mathematics – University of Kansas – 1968

Here is the link with detailed information about my Master’s Thesis, “Minimax Rational Function Approximation”.

B.S. Mathematics – George Washington University – 1966

Completed two courses (in Microsoft .NET with C#, and XML) in fall 2002 semester at Hennepin County Technical College (Minnesota)

Additional comments Simplified Intellectual Property Agreement (for employers)

The following is a scanable text resume that stresses information technology only. Text resume

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